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WPD 683 • A JS function that makes tabs accessible • Interacting with local files more seamlessly • The CSS monochrome media feature

  • Posts

    • Loading web fonts with the Font Face Observer library, @………’s post
      • Note: It isn’t explicitly mentioned in the article, but your web fonts still need to be declared in your style sheets (using @font-face rules). Font Face Observer merely enables you to load them in the background (and notifies you when they’re ready), so that you don’t have to apply them on the page by default (which causes FOIT).
    • CSS Grid Layout - The auto-fill keyword and minmax() function, @………’s post w/ demo
      • By combining these two features, you can create a grid with “as many equal width, flexible sized columns as can fit inside the container”, e.g. repeat(auto-fill, minmax(100px, 1fr)).
  • Misc

    • @……… proposes allowing web apps to interact with local files more seamlessly, disc.
      • “…the FileSystem API is about sandboxed files owned by the browser. This proposal is meant to provide access to files on the device. […] Sites would only have access to files/directories that the user explicitly opened.”
  • Demos

    • A ready-to-use JavaScript function that makes tabs accessible, @………’s demo (disc.)

  • Other

    • The two types of custom elements: autonomous custom element, customized built-in element, commit
    • Safari supports the CSS monochrome media feature, disc. w/ demo

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