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WPD 636: Auto-resize iframes based on content, TestMyCSS highlights problematic selectors, HTML video for ads and live content

  • Posts

    • Frontend database performance - Case study: Pokedex.org, @………’s post
      • “…the queries that ought to feel ‘instant’ are done in memory, the queries that take a bit longer are fetched in parallel (with an animation to keep the eye busy), and the queries that are super slow are slipped in below-the-fold.”
  • Info

    • HTML Standard: HTMLMediaElement.play() updated to return a promise (pull), status
      • From Chromium’s “intent” disc.: “It also allows the UA to reject the promise if playback is not allowed in the current context, solving issues [when] websites have to detect whether user gesture requirements blocked the playback.”
  • Misc

    • @………’s feature request: Auto-resize iframes based on content, repo
    • Git protip: git log -p -1 <filename> (docs) shows the last diff for a specific file, @………’s post
  • Tools

    • TestMyCSS, an online tool that analyzes style sheets (via URL) and highlights problematic selectors, site

  • Other

    • The New York Times retires Flash and switches to HTML <video> for ads and live content, post
      • “The browsers blocking Flash really hastened our efforts.” Ads: “Then we approached our ad vendors and requested HTML5 VPAID ads…”; live content: “HLS.js (repo) allowed us to use HLS in any browser that supports MSE (ciu).”
    • India passes strong net neutrality rules, bans zero-rating of specific services, post
    • @………: Custom elements are no longer contentious, post

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