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WPD 632: Text alternatives for SVG icons, basic screen reader commands, additions to Mozilla’s WebExtensions

  • Posts

    • Easy query string manipulation with URLSearchParams, @………’s post w/ polyfill & demo
    • Cloud Four’s SVG icon system (i.a. providing a text alternative with aria-labelledby), @………’s post
  • Info

    • Functions with a 'use strict' directive cannot use default or rest parameters, disc.
  • Misc

    • Basic screen reader commands for accessibility testing, @………’s post

  • Other

    • Additions to Mozilla’s WebExtensions: “second-level popup views”, iframes within web pages, post w/ gifs
    • The new features in ES2016 are the Array includes method and the ** operator, @………’s post
    • @………’s overview of the CSS Houdini drafts (incl. paint, compositor, and layout worklets), post
      • “…the compositor worklet lets you hook into the compositor and influence the way an element’s layer, which has already been painted, is positioned and layered on top of the other layers.”

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