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WPD 631: Privacy of push notifications, the “idea of DOM updates being fast”, optimal respimg breakpoints

  • Posts

    • Push notifications - privacy notes, code sample (using async/await), other questions, @………’s post
  • Info

    • All major screen readers support the hidden and aria-hidden attributes, @………’s post w/ note
  • Demos

    • Loading aysnc CSS with <link rel="preload"> (polyfilled using loadCSS.js), @………’s demo
  • Opinion

    • @………: React has introduced the idea of DOM updates being fast, post
      • “Before React, you would never think of dynamically re-rendering an entire page at one time; it would be too slow.”

  • Other

    • Safari 9.1 will synthesize small caps if the font doesn’t support font-variant: small-caps, source
    • Running PostCSS plugins both before and after the CSS preprocessor, @………’s post
    • A web tool that generates responsive images (and markup) based on optimal breakpoints, @………’s post

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