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WPD 542: Four quick tips for letterspacing text, user agent intervention (Chrome), Firefox for iOS

  • News

    • Firefox will get a new, Blink-compatible WebExtensions API (wiki), post
      • “With this API, extension developers should be able to make the same extension available on Firefox and Chrome with a minimal number of changes to repackage for each platform. […] We have started discussions with other browser vendors to begin an effort to standardize at least some of this API…”
  • Posts

    • @……… (Blink) explores how “user agent intervention” might work in Chrome, doc (via)
      • “…[when a website’s] user experience gets so bad, that the user agent is compelled to intervene […] on the user’s behalf. An intervention could be as dramatic as completely restyling documents, blocking undesired third parties, ads, or as subtle as lowering the loading priority for the iframe documents.”
    • Four quick guidelines for letterspacing text on the Web, @………’s post
  • Content

    • A proposed text input type with autocorrect and autocapitalize turned off by default, disc.
  • Demos

    • CSS Transforms skewX() as an alternative to synthesized italic web font faces, @………’s demo

  • Other

    • @……… (CSS Selectors L4 editor) reviews Firefox’s currently available :-moz- selectors, post
    • Firefox for iOS will launch globally in November (“coinciding with the November campaign”), post

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