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WPD 518: Test your site’s HTTP security, unguessable URLs, problems with future-syntax preprocessing

  • Info

    • ARIA roles are divided into four major categories”, @………’s post
    • Google secures photos using public but unguessable URLs, @………’s post
  • Content

    • @……… proposes a CSS pseudo-class for when an element’s sticky positioning is active , post
  • Tools

    • @………’s web tool for inspecting the HTTP security of websites, site w/ stats for top 500 sites
  • Opinion

    • @………: The 4 problems with future-syntax preprocessing (cssnext, Babel), post

  • Other

    • Screening of Citizenfour at IETF meeting followed by Q&A with Edward Snowden, @………’s post
    • Firefox for Android will perform UA overrides for specific Japanese websites, bug
      • Mozilla engineer (source): “[This makes] it feasible for Japanese users to use Firefox without manually messing around with UA overrides (e.g., using Phony). And that gives us leverage. And with leverage, our excellent webcompat team can get sites to make changes.”
    • Upgrading to Windows 10 changes the default browser to Edge, source
      • Chrome and Firefox will both display the “Choose default apps” dialog upon installation, as the old API for setting the default browser has been disabled.

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