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WPD 427: ES7 async functions, alternative name for :blank, Microsoft’s CSS properties for scrolling

  • News

    • Yahoo! introduces on-demand passwords (“passwordless” SMS-only sign in; available in U.S.), post
  • Posts

    • @………’s analysis: ES7 async functions and the await “wait for promise” keyword, post
      • “This allows us to write code that looks synchronous on the surface, but is actually asynchronous under the hood.” When performing sequential async operations (e.g. database inserts), instead of having to construct a promise chain, you can just use a for-of loop.
    • Microsoft’s CSS properties for scrolling and zooming (msdn) (introduced late 2012), @………’s post
      • @………’s tweet: “WebKit has an implementation now, Mozilla is very interested, and the standard (spec) is going well. Negative response from Google though.”
  • Info

    • The HTML5 Parsing Algorithm standardizes the parsing of badly formed markup, post (1. section)
      • “[The HTML5 spec tells the] browser unambiguously what to do with any combination of bad markup. And that’s in all the browsers now, which means that even ancient sites—sites that haven’t been touched for a decade—when looked at in modern browsers will result in the same DOM tree.”
  • Content

    • Issue in CSS Selectors 4 draft: suggest an alternative name for the :blank pseudo-class, spec + disc.
      • The widely supported :empty pseudo-class matches elements that have no children at all (not even text nodes), e.g. <p></p>. The proposed (and suboptimally named) :blank pseudo-class additionally matches elements that only contain whitespace, e.g. <p> </p>.
  • Opinion

    • “Why I recommend Ember over Angular”, @………’s post

  • Other

    • @………’s observations: Usage patterns of Chrome’s /deep/ combinator in the wild, post
    • Better inline errors and warnings in Web Inspector (in WebKit Nightly), screen
    • Chromium forms Memory Team to develop memory allocator with 60 FPS GC, page w/ preso
    • Responsive layouts with CSS Flexbox (code + screens), @………’s 86-page deck

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