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WPD 425: HTML autocapitalize attribute, Service Worker in Android WebView update, optimising SVG images

  • News

    • Android WebView M40 update brings Service Worker and Battery Status to 5.0+ devices, post
    • Browsers will start displaying invisible control characters (Unicode class Cc), source
      • CSS Text spec: “Control characters (Unicode category Cc) other than tab (U+0009), line feed (U+000A), and carriage return (U+000D) must be rendered as a visible glyph…”
  • Posts

    • @……… clarifies how namespaces can signal immutable CSS rules (e.g. utility classes), post
    • Optimising SVG images with SVGO (npm CLI tool) and Inkscape, @………’s post
      • “A good rule of thumb when optimising SVG images is to make sure the final file has only one path per style (same fill and stroke style) and uses no <g> tags to group path to objects.”
  • Info

    • Setting font-size on <html> does not influence em-based media queries, source
      • A website cannot influence the 1em = 16px relation via style sheets, only the user can via browser setting (screen).
  • Content

    • Google’s @……… proposes the HTML autocapitalize attribute (based on Safari’s impl.), page
      • “The autocapitalize content attribute is an enumerated attribute that gives a hint to the user agent regarding the autocapitalization behavior of the virtual keyboard.”

  • Other

    • Duplicate property names (in object literals) are allowed in ES6 strict mode (change from ES5), source
    • WebPageTest adds “Cost” indicator, @………’s post w/ details
    • Firefox’s “about:permissions” page allows defining permissions on a per-site basis, @………’s post
    • CSS WG resolution: Add trailing-spaces value to text-decoration-skip, post
    • A simple Sass mixin for in-between spacing (based on the & + & selector), post

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