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WPD 415: Manifest polyfill, hacking Droid Sans, MDN working on new DB of compatibility data

  • News

    • Google testing a red “Slow” label in its search results, source w/ screen
  • Posts

    • @………’s report from Web Compatibility Summit 2015, post
      • “On MDN, we’re working on a new database of compatibility data with a read/write API. This project solves some maintenance issues for us, and promises to create more opportunities for web developers to build automation around web compatibility data ”
    • Replacing vendor-specific <meta>/<link> elements with a manifest (+ polyfill), @………’s post
  • Media

    • A demo of @………’s experimental screen reader for accessible SVG data visualizations, 17-min s’cast
      • The accessible text information is provided via elements like <title role="datavalue"> in the SVG.
  • Demos

    • Inserting custom ligatures into the Droid Sans webfont, @………’s post + demo
      • tl;dr The TTF webfont is converted to XML (via TTX/Fonttools) so that it can be edited. The custom ligatures are created in SVG, converted to a TTF font (via Icomoon), and then to XML which is inserted into the webfont’s XML. Lastly, the edited font is compiled back to TTF.
    • Cubic bezier editor (for CSS <timing-function> values) in Chrome (Canary) DevTools, @………’s gif
  • Opinion

    • “Why your blog URLs should contain dates”, @………’s post

  • Other

    • The ES object literal method shorthand syntax does not create a lexical name binding, @………’s post
    • A quick usage guide for the em dash, en dash and hyphen characters, @………’s post
    • 4 noteworthy Ember features , @………’s post (at the bottom)
    • doiuse…? (web tool), a CSS linter for browser support,site
    • WebKit adds support for ARIA 1.1 'switch' and 'searchbox' roles, commit1 + commit2
    • Storing a set of <input type="checkbox"> values as a single number, @………’s post

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