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WPD 403: New (informal) forum for discussing ECMAScript, Crockford’s pattern for more readable regular expressions

  • News

    • @……… and @……… launch Discourse forum for discussing the ECMAScript spec, post
    • Responsive images spec change: sizes attribute required whenever w descriptors are present, commit
  • Posts

    • Tutorial: variables and scoping in ECMAScript 6 (let, const, TDZ), @………’s post
      • (1) If a const variable refers to an object, that object is still mutable (unless Object.freeze() is used). (2) The dead zone is really temporal (based on time) and not spatial (based on location). (See post for code example.) (3) let declarations inside loop headers create a separate binding for each iteration (unlike var). (4) let, const and class declarations in global code do not become properties of the global object (unlike var and func. decl.).
    • @………’s updated workflow for SVG icons w/ Grunticon-based fallback, post
      • Instead of using Grunticon’s style sheet (w/ SVG data inside data URLs), Chris loads the corresponding SVG sprite and uses Grunticon exclusively for providing the PNG fallback.
    • Crockford: ES6 template strings can improve readability of regular expressions, post
  • Demos

    • Sharing files between two Firefox OS devices using WiFi Direct, @………’s 2-min video
      • The offline P2P communication is performed over HTTP using Mozilla’s navigator.mozTCPSocket WebAPI and FxOS Web Server which is a HTTP server for Firefox OS implemented in JavaScript.
    • A CSS-only animated sheen effect on <button>, @………’s post
  • Opinion

    • EFF’s @………: YouTube’s switch from Flash to DRM-enabled HTML5 hardly matters, post
    • Client-side MVC frameworks need to start supporting server-side rendering, @………’s post

  • Other

    • @………’s custom ES6 Number iterator (enables for (let i of num) pattern, screen), post
    • “Should browsers signal data budget via request header?”, disc.
    • Polycasts #9: Swapping content using Polymer’s <core-pages> element, @………’s 6-min preso
    • Chromium announces plans to remove support for SPDY and the NPN TLS extension in early 2016, post
    • A collection of useful .htaccess snippets, repo

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