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WPD 394: CSS Blending interactive demo, tabs-to-columns responsive UI pattern

  • News

    • YouTube now defaults to HTML5 <video>, post w/ details
  • Posts

    • A complete guide to CSS blending, @………’s post + interactive demo
    • When and how to override standard UI elements (like <select>), @………’s post
      • “The litmus test goes: Will the interaction or presentational benefits of a custom UI component offset its implementation and maintenance costs and outweigh the reduction in recognizability?”
    • @……… compares the two methods for creating custom elements, post
  • Info

    • ES6 method shorthand syntax creates functions with .name properties, screen
    • @………: “EdgeHTML engine (Spartan) will have a lot of ms prefixes removed”, source
  • Demos

    • A simple tabs-to-columns responsive UI pattern, @………’s demo

  • Other

    • @………’s recommendations for animating SVG, post (“Conclusions” section at the bottom)
    • A quick overview of several new Canvas 2D APIs in Firefox (and other browsers), @………’s post
      • new Path2D(d), which takes SVG path data to construct, is especially handy. You can now re-use your SVG paths to draw the same shapes directly on a canvas as well.”
    • Greatly improved F12 developer tools in latest Windows tech preview, post
    • @………’s update on io.js: “You can expect io.js to be marked stable in March”, post
    • WebKit patch in iOS 8.1.3 update: “enhanced blocking of external CSS references in SVGs”, screen

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