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  • News

    • Mobile usability report added to Google Webmaster Tools, @………’s post
      • The report shows the following issues: Flash content, missing <meta name=viewport>, tiny fonts, fixed-width viewports, content not sized to viewport, and clickable links/buttons too close to each other.
    • The Streams Standard (spec) joins spec.whatwg.org, @………’s post
      • We hope that streams will be a unifying primitive for I/O, much like promises have become for asynchronicity. This work of building streams into the Web’s APIs has in many cases already begun. We’re discussing how to integrate with fetch, service workers, media source extensions, and web audio—with more to come!
  • Posts

    • Reducing JavaScript bloat with @………’s Shoestring, @………’s post
  • Info

    • @………: “We’re killing SMIL because having two declarative animation systems is redundant…”, disc.
    • jQuery will drop the 1.x/2.x version split and adopt semantic versioning starting with jQuery 3.0, source
  • Demos

    • “Background reveal scroll” in pure CSS, @………’s post + demo
  • Opinion

    • “Stop breaking the Web”, criticism of client-side rendering, @………’s post

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