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  • News

    • Intent to ship: (Subset of) Cache API for Service Worker in Chrome 40, @………’s post (& disc.)
      • “The Cache API for Service Worker consists of additional ServiceWorker APIs which allow authors to fully and conveniently manage their content caches for offline use. An origin can have multiple, named Cache objects, whose contents are entirely under the control of Service Worker scripts.” + code example, screen
  • Posts

    • Writing ES6 modules today using the 6to5 transpiler, @………’s post
    • A “specificity graph” for identifying structural issues in your CSS codebase, @………’s post (disc.)
      • Ordering CSS based on its specificity leads to much simpler and hassle-free maintenance, as well as offering improved scalability due to more evenly distributed complexity and a more sane working environment.”
  • Info

    • @………’s list of Google web compatibility bugs in Firefox, post
      • “The nature of [these] bugs is diverse. It can be wrong user agent sniffing, -webkit- CSS or JS, or a codepath in JS using a very specific feature of Chrome.”
  • Media

    • Safer local storage with the Web Cryptography API, @………’s 23-min talk w/ transcript
  • Demos

    • Well Workouts by NYTimes, an installable web app, @………’s post
      • “It works offline (using AppCache), has great use of audio, beautiful transitions between pages (whilst maintaining good URLs) and the use of ‘Add to Homescreen’ prompt is probably the best that I have seen in a long time.”

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