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  • News

    • Microsoft aims to simplify Windows/IE upgrades with new metrics tool for enterprises, post
    • ServiceWorker enabled by default in Chrome Canary, set for Chrome 40 release, source
      • @……… summarizes the compatibility risk factors of shipping ServiceWorker in Chrome at this time, post. Mozilla does not agree with the current design around registrations and scopes: “It is very likely that we may ship a different and incompatible API”, post w/ summary of concerns.
  • Posts

    • Shape-morphing an SVG <polygon> with SMIL (a simple 5-step guide), @………’s post w/ demo
    • TC-39 member @……… discusses async programming in ES7, post
  • Content

    • A discussion about the current status of CSS image-set(), disc.
      • @………: “WebKit supports it prefixed, no one else does. The current feature set/syntax is stable. I’d like to add a bit more to make it equal in power to the <picture> element, but that wont interfere with its current syntax, which matches early srcset and does a decent job.”
    • Pro Git 2nd Edition (free ebook version of @……… & @………’s upcoming book), page
  • Demos

    • Wobbly slideshow effect using Snap.svg, @………’s post + demo
  • Tools

    • @……… summarizes the tasks performed by the Pleeease CSS post-processor, post
      • In addition to the common operations (adding vendor prefixes, minification), Pleeease also provides a few more specialized tasks for things like packing media queries into single rules or a rem fallback for IE8.

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