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  • News

    • iOS 8.1 update disables Navigation Timing API due to performance issues, source (via)
  • Posts

    • Compression on the Web (gzip vs deflate, HTTP vs TLS vs HTTP/2) + best practices, @………’s post
      • “In theory, HTTP allows clients to compress request bodies using the same Content-Encoding mechanism used for HTTP responses. In practice, however, this feature is not used by browsers and is only rarely used by other types of HTTP clients.”
    • “Android 5.0 WebView auto-update is a huge advantage for web apps”, @………’s post
      • “While native apps get stuck with the glacial update cycle that manufacturers reluctantly eke out, web apps get a rapid release cycle and updates independent of the Android version.”
    • IndieWeb building blocks: rel="me", IndieAuth, webmentions, POSSE, Micropub, @………’s post
  • Demos

    • Using SVG sprite sheets - the two forms of the SVG fragment identifier, @………’s post
  • Tools

    • A web tool that detects APIs in your JS code and reports browser support issues, @………’s site
  • Opinion

    • @………: “Viewport units (vh/vw) were a mistake to add to CSS”, disc.

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