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  • Posts

    • CSS utility classes: (alleged) benefits, dangers, comparison w/ component classes, ’s post
  • Info

    • The 3 screen reader interaction modes on Windows, ’s post
      • Explains how screen readers sometimes (depending on interaction mode) intercept the user’s keyboard events instead of passing them through to the web page.
    • Latest Polymer release adds a <core-a11y-keys> element for processing keyboard commands, source
  • Content

    • Techniques for suppressing the 300ms delay (w/ browser support), ’s page
      • iOS 8 update: Fast taps have a 300ms delay, while slightly slower taps (the threshold is at ~125ms) fire the mouse compatibility events instantly.
    • Cheat sheet: Common commands for Node, Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, ’s 1-page pdf
  • Demos

    • shows push notifications running in an internal build of Chromium, video
      • (The demo starts at 25:35.) The Chromium build implements the Push API (spec). Web apps can use this API to send push notifications to the user’s device which are then displayed as native notifications, via the Notifications API (spec, ciu). This happens independently of the user’s web browser (which can even be closed).
    • Fully fluid headings with SVG <text> (+ JavaScript for initialization), ’s demo
  • Tools

    • timing.js, a JavaScript helper library for the Navigation Timing API, ’s post w/ screen
      • Uses the Navigation Timing API to compute "firstPaintTime", "domReadyTime", etc. Run timing.getTimes() in the console to retrieve the object with the timing data. In console.table()-supporting browsers, a table with the timing data is printed during initialization.

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