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    • Mozilla announces the MatchStick Firefox OS-based HDMI streaming stick, post + CNET article
  • Posts

    • How browsers choose the best responsive image based on the srcset value, ’s post
    • Automating JavaScript linting with FixMyJS, ’s post
  • Info

    • ES7 Array.prototype.contains enabled by default in Firefox Nightly, screen
      • ’s page documents this method: arr.contains(el) has almost the same semantics as the prevalent arr.indexOf(el) >= 0 pattern, except that it uses the SameValueZero comparison algorithm instead of Strict Equality Comparison, thus making [NaN].contains(NaN) true.
  • Media

    • How to use the <picture> element for art direction, ’s 2-min preso
      • CSS styles are applied and attributes (like alt) are set on the <img> element (which also acts as a fallback for non-supporting browsers), not the <picture> element itself.
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    • A web tool that shows which fonts are used across OSes for given font-face values, ’s post

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