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WPD 395: New “loose mode” in 6to5 JavaScript transpiler, extended FormData API in Chrome Canary

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    • Optimizing performance of the pull down animation on Yelp’s mobile site, ’s post
  • Info

    • Grunticon 2.0 adds option to style and animate (select) SVG icons, details
      • Grunticon’s SVG icons are embedded as data URLs in a style sheet and applied on the page as CSS background images. As such, they cannot be styled via CSS. Using the new option, the SVG path data is copied from the style sheet and injected into the page as inline <svg> which can then be styled (via CSS fill properties).
    • Extended FormData API (spec) added behind flag to Chrome (Canary), commit
      • Previously, FormData instances were write-only via a single append() method. The extended API adds has(), get(), getAll(), delete(), and set() methods to allow inspection and modification. “Added in anticipation of using FormData as a response type from XHR/Fetch,” source.
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    • Introducing Mozilla’s Wi-Fi Direct API (peer-to-peer Wi-Fi) on Firefox OS, ’s post w/ demo
    • Mozilla’s first (proof of concept) Tor middle relays go live, post
    • React beta adds support for ES6 classes, ’s post (disc.)
    • Netflix boosts web perf. after switching to React and isomorphic JavaScript, ’s post
    • CSS WG telecon 2015-01-28 (i.a. text-wrap:balance proposal well received), notes
    • shows how to use Polymer’s <template is="auto-binding"> extension, 6-min preso

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