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WPD 421: Designer-oriented features coming to Chrome DevTools, modernizing the W3C’s tooling

  • Posts

    • announces (upcoming) designer-oriented features in Chrome DevTools, post
      • “…real-time typography and layout audits that automatically prevent common mistakes such as mixed fonts or tiny margins, and a powerful flex assistant that makes working with Flexbox as intuitive as it should be.”
  • Info

    • 82% of screen reader users use their screen readers on a mobile device, source
    • : The goal of WHATWG documents is to “reflect where all implementations will converge”, post
      • “It should not describe today’s implementations as that will not lead to convergence. […] And it should not describe an unreachable ideal, e.g. by requiring something that is known to be incompatible with web content.”
  • Content

    • : “We need an energetic rethink of the W3C’s tooling […] to stay relevant to our users”, doc
      • “A common library should be developed to provide basic functionality across all specifications. This would include simple, streamlined bug reports from within the document. […] We could expose a searchable interface that would make it possible for people to find which specification defines what, and which make use of what concept…”
  • Demos

    • An elastic sidebar effect (achieved by animating an SVG <path> with JS), ’s demo
    • Responsive, touch-friendly carousels with Flickity, ’s post + demo (for testing on mobile)

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